Digital Realty’s chief competitive advantage is that it is among the largest technology REITs in the world. Of the 140 REIT stocks tracked by SNL financial, 35 percent boosted their dividends last year, and 49 companies made dividend increases of 5 percent or more. Updated on December 9th, 2020 by Bob Ciura. However, this database is certainly not the only place to find high-quality dividend stocks trading at fair or better prices. Share this entry. Digital Realty has been very strategic in its acquisitions. As a retail REIT, Federal Realty has been negatively impacted by the coronavirus crisis. There are many metrics that investors can use to … In the most recent quarter, Emerson’s net sales declined 9% from the same quarter last year, as underlying sales fell 7%. FRT collected approximately 85% of total third quarter 2020 billed recurring rents and 85% in October 2020. Emerson Electric was founded in 1890. W.P. The company now expects $3.85 billion to $3.875 billion in revenue (up from $3.725 -$3.825 billion),$2.15 billion to $2.175 billion in Adjusted EBITDA (up from $2.10 -$2.125 billion), 85% to 86% occupancy(unchanged), $1.25 to $1.30 in net income per share (up from $1.20 to $1.25) and $6.10 to $6.15 in core funds from operations (up from $6.00 to $6.10). Keppel REIT is extremely popular among dividend investors in Singapore and it is known for being a high-quality REIT with sustainable dividends. 1. Fuller has a fairly low current yield of 1.8%, but the company makes up for a relatively unimpressive yield with consistent dividend increases each year. The REIT pursues growth by acquiring attractive properties and raising rental rates in its existing properties. However, it also operates in redevelopment of multi-purpose properties including retail, apartments, and condominiums. In late March, H.B. This presents large operators like H.B. It has increased its dividend each year for 52 consecutive years, placing it on the exclusive list of Dividend Kings, a group of less than 30 stocks with 50+ consecutive annual dividend increases. While uncertainties over the future of the healthcare system in the United States remain and some of its tenants are not financially strong, the company’s exposure to a growing segment of healthcare combined with a high dividend yield, make the stock a recession-resistant buy. Companies that have increased their payouts through many market cycles are highly likely to continue doing so for a long time to come. Iron Mountain withdrew its previously announced guidance for 2020. Same-property gross revenue and net operating income declined by 6.7% and 10.8%, respectively. It also has a very high level of dividend safety. Meanwhile, the company has a positive long-term growth outlook. Take a look at Federal Realty Investment Trust (NYSE:FRT), for instance. Since 2010, there have been only two companies that have left the list. My Stocks. The Dividend Kings list can be a good source for selecting dividend stocks. A REIT must distribute more than 90% of its earnings each year in order to maintain its tax-free status. Plus, due to the defensive nature of its business and a strong performance during past recessions, we believe that W.P. Het fonds bezit voornamelijk vastgoed in de zorgsector. Specifically, Omega is the leader in Skilled Nursing Facilities. But it continues to generate positive FFO and pay dividends to shareholders, thanks to a high-quality and diversified property portfolio. The portfolio was 92.2% leased as of September 30th. Dividend Kings. Based on this, the company’s current dividend payout of $4.20 per share appears to be sufficiently covered, with some cushioning in case FFO declines in a recession. However, there are currently 7 REITs in the Canadian Dividend Aristocrats list. Lastly, the high dividend yield of 9% leads to total expected returns of 16% to 17% per year over the next five years, making Altria our top-ranked Dividend King. This compares to $365 million or $1.67 per share in the year ago quarter. Dividend growth investing may not be for everyone, but I am a fan. Emerson is particularly adept at cash flow generation, even when sales are flat or declining. Sometimes you will see a payout ratio of less than 90% for a REIT, and that is likely because they are using funds from operations, not net income, in the denominator for REIT payout ratios (more on that later). These companies not only survived all the stock market booms and crashes, but found a way to be profitable and pay a dividend. It outperformed the MSCI USA Investable Market Index (IMI), its parent index that tracks the large, mid and small cap segments of the USA market, by approximately 60 basis points per year in the same period. It also has no material upcoming lease expirations or lease renewal risk and enjoys strong geographic and operator diversification (71 operators across 40 states plus the United Kingdom). O's dividend yield, history, payout ratio, proprietary DARS™ rating & much more! Despite the weak results to start 2020, Emerson is confident in its ability to withstand a recession. With a modest stock valuation, long-term growth potential, and an attractive 3.6% dividend yield, Emerson Electric is our fourth-best Dividend King right now. We also believe the company has positive long-term growth potential, thanks largely to its long history of growth and its global competitive advantages. Quarterly results were weighed down by $159 million in expenses mainly tied to Altria’s investments in Canadian cannabis investment firm Cronos and Juul, the e-cigarette startup company. In exchange for listing as a REIT, these trusts must pay out at least 90% of their net income as dividend payments to their unitholders (REITs trade as units, not shares). The current average dividend yield is about 2.5%, which is down since last month. The company also has a manageable level of debt maturities totaling $298 million through 2021. Normalized FFO-per-share declined 1.5% year-over-year to $0.61. W. P. Carey also reinstated its guidance for 2020, now forecasting FFO-per-share in a range of $4.65 to $4.75. It is remarkable that the REIT collected 98% of its rental income in the second and third quarter. The future is still bright as consumers demand more and more access to data over time. 15 Dividend Kings for Decades of Dividend Growth | Kiplinger I also like the idea of getting paid to wait. The report was very similar to the previous five reports. We find Federal Realty to be a best-in-class REIT that should continue to increase its dividend on an annual basis, even in a recession. This has resulted in some impressive perform… The REIT operates more than 1,200 single tenant properties on a net lease basis, across the US and Northern and Western Europe. The dividend payments that REIT investors receive can constitute ordinary income, capital gains, or a return on capital. Approximately 83% of Essex’s net operating income is derived from California, with the remaining 17% from Seattle. It has managed to grow per-share cash flow at double-digit rates annually for the past ten years, despite relatively weaker results for the past three years. Federal Realty was founded in 1962. H.B. Organic revenue declined 1.3% for the quarter, but would have been up 1% after stripping out currency and divestitures. Before you go and agree or not with the index or the rules, indexes are put together to attempt at categorizing certain stocks and investment strategies such as monthly income investing, dividend investing or dividend growth investing. The Dividend Kings List of 2019 are U.S. stocks that that have grown their dividend for 50+ years in a row. And yet, Emerson Electric continues to deliver steady profitability and annual dividend increases for its shareholders. However, given its strong fundamentals and the fact that FRT is a year away from becoming a dividend king, this blue chip REIT is likely always going to command a strong price premium. Despite the difficult near-term environment for Genuine Parts, investors should focus on the long-term. But it remains committed to maintaining its dividend policy, which is a target dividend payout ratio of 80% of annual adjusted EPS. Crown Castle International was founded in 1994,and has since become a powerhouse in the data infrastructure business. Genuine Parts is also reducing its 2020 capital expenditures by 35%-50%, and has suspended its share buybacks to preserve cash. It is focused on single-tenant industrial properties and has ~450 buildings across 38 states in the United States. The coronavirus crisis is likely to have a negative impact on H.B. In early November, STAG Industrial reported (11/5/20) financial results for the third quarter of fiscal 2020. The following downloadable REIT list contains a comprehensive list of U.S. Real Estate Investment Trusts, along with metrics that matter including: You can download your free REIT list (along with the above mentioned financial metrics) by clicking on the link below: Click here to download your Complete REIT Excel Spreadsheet List now. In the most recent quarter, FFO-per-share declined 3.9% from the same quarter last year. The stocks are listed in order of attractiveness based on a combination of qualitative and quantitative factors, such as future growth potential, dividend yield, and dividend safety. H.B. 35% Upside Likely For Nektar Therapeutics? The top 10 list is ranked by 5-year expected total returns, in order of lowest to highest. In the 2020 third quarter, SLG grew its same-store net operating income by 2% over last year’s quarter but its occupancy rate dipped from 95.0% to 94.2% and its funds from operations (FFO) per share remained flat at $1.75. 1:07:43 – The Dividend Kings each talk about their favorite DGI stocks. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File). AbundanceIn eW210129. Thus, one of the primary benefits of investing in these securities is their high dividend yields. The growth rate has slowed down over the years, as W. P. Carey’s FFO-per-share growth rate has averaged just 3% between 2014 and 2018. Dividend Kings List Description: The following table lists the current Dividend Kings. Realty Income is a retail-focused REIT that owns more than 6,500 properties. According to the company, the $50 billion adhesives market has grown at a 3.8% compound annual growth rate over the past 38 years. Investors looking for the best dividend growth stocks should consider companies with the longest histories of dividend growth, explains Ben Reynolds, a contributor to and editor of the industry –leading income newsletter Sure Dividend. International Dividends; Dividend Kings; Dividend Masters; Dividend Contenders; Dividend Climbers; S&P 500; Nasdaq100; Dow Jones; Login; Join; Menu; Dividend Blog. Bonus: Listen to our interview with Brad Thomas on The Sure Investing Podcast about intelligent REIT investing in the below video. Longcheer. Federal Realty Investment Trust (FRT) is a Dividend King that has 53 consecutive years of dividend increases. Apple Hospitality (APLE) Apple Hospitality (APLE) specializes in upscale hotels. The #1 Source For Dividend Investing. It is not a small achievement to have been able to reward long-term shareholders with a dividend raise for over half a century. Genuine Parts is a leading brand in a growing industry, specifically automotive parts. The trust owns, operates and leases more than 40,000 cell towers and 80,000 route miles of fiber across every major US market, helping it support data infrastructure across the country. Genuine parts is a Dividend King with a long history of dividend increases, a high 4.5% dividend yield, and a positive long-term outlook thanks to a major growth trend. Crown Castle’s cash flow per share –defined as the sum of earnings plus depreciation, minus preferred dividends –has shown robust levels of growth over the past decade. The aging U.S. vehicle fleet will benefit Genuine Parts. See data on all 2019 dividend kings and learn more about these great income stocks. The Dividend Kings are currently (as of November 30, 2020) trading at an elevated valuation of a trailing average price-to-earnings ratio of about 29.6X.This is up over two notches since last month. Federal Realty (FRT), a real estate investment trust is a one of our top-ranked "Kings" based on expected annual returns through 2025, … Since 2010 Digital Realty increased its FFO-per-share by an average compound rate of 7.8% per year. Dividend Kings are companies that have had 50 consecutive years with a dividend increase. I've referred to Realty Income as the best overall dividend stock in the market, and for good reason. While the S&P Dividend Aristocrats Index consists of over 60 stocks, which includes companies in the S&P 500 Index that have raised their dividend for at least 25 consecutive years, there are only 31 dividend kings in 2021. On March 13th, 2020 Digital Realty announced that it had completed the combination of Interxion (prior ticker: INXN),a provider of cloud data centers in Europe. Home Depot Inc. is scheduled to release earnings figures on May 15. Young mechanic analyzing car's performance with diagnostic tool in a workshop. Federal Realty has credit ratings of A- from Standard & Poor’s and A3 from Moody’s, which are especially strong ratings for a REIT. The U.S. stock market has made a significant recovery in recent weeks, but multiple sectors still have depressed valuations; REITs continue to be challenged by the coronavirus crisis, but there are many attractive buying opportunities for long-term investment. Most of these stocks offer dividend yields that are higher than the average dividend yield of S&P 500 members. DISA. The current average dividend yield is about 2.5%, which is down since last month. 1:03:00 – Brad talks retail REITs. Iron Mountain reported its third-quarter earnings results on November 5th. This gives the REIT a size and scale advantage that competitors have difficulty matching. Step 3: Use the filter functions ‘Greater Than or Equal To’ and ‘Less Than or Equal To’ along with the numbers 0.05 ad 0.07 to display REITs with dividend yields between 5% and 7%. Do not confuse this with 50 years of consecutive payments. It also signs multi-year contracts (7-15 years) with its tenants in order to secure reliable cash flows. The company’s investment strategy targets densely populated, affluent communities where retail demand exceeds supply. Altria is a consumer staples company that generates annual revenue of approximately $25 billion. The company primarily invests in single-tenant retail properties, with tenants who operate in recession- and e-commerce-resistant areas of retail. In addition, MoneyShow operates the award-winning, multimedia online community, and publishes free Investing and Trading newsletters, which provide individual investors with exclusive ongoing access to the latest investment and trading ideas from the nation's most respected and trusted financial newsletter advisors. Revenues totaled $300 million, down 2% year-over-year. SLG benefits from reliable growth in rental rates in one of the most popular commercial areas in the world, Manhattan. Currently, there are 31 companies on the Dividend King List. This is out of the over 4,300 companies listed on stock exchanges at end of 2018. For example, in the most recent quarter Emerson generated operating cash flow of $588 million, up 10% year-over-year. The company also holds significant long-term growth potential as it is a global leader in a highly fragmented industry. Investors looking for companies that generate stable cash flow in recessions should consider tobacco stocks. Realty Income is a member of the Dividend Aristocrats. Try our service FREE. If you thought that becoming a Dividend Aristocrat was difficult, wait until you hear what it takes to be a Dividend King. This will help to eliminate any REITs with exceptionally high (and perhaps unsustainable) dividend yields. The company is likely to see continued declines in the current quarter, due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Again, these are relatively modest declines, which give investors hope that the company will quickly recover once the broader economy improves. Digital Realty owns and develops properties for the technology industry. Digital Realty also updated its2020 outlook. You're reading an article by Simply Safe Dividends, the makers of online portfolio tools for dividend … Photographer: Mark Kauzlarich/Bloomberg, California, December 14, 2019. In addition to the downloadable Excel sheet of all REITs, this article discusses why income investors should pay particularly close attention to this asset class. Step 1: Download the Complete REIT Excel Spreadsheet List at the link above. REIT for 2021: Realty Income (O) Realty Income is arguably the safest REIT of all, because of the company’s long-term commitment to paying and raising its dividend consistently over the years. The company owns the smokeless tobacco brands Skoal and Copenhagen, wine manufacturer Ste. While Dividend Aristocrats are members of the S&P 500 that have raised their dividends annually for at least 25 straight years, Dividend Kings are an even more impressive group of … Federal Realty is a time-tested real estate investment trust with one of the most impressive dividend histories among all REITs. This table also shows some valuable metrics for dividend investors to assess both the dividend level and dividend sustainability of these consistent dividend payers over the past 50 years. crown on pile of 100 dollar bills isolated on white background, in New York, U.S., on Friday, May 11, 2018. Carey is a commercial real estate focused REIT that operates two segments: real estate ownership and investment management. A Dividend King is a dividend growth stock that has increased their dividends for at least 50 consecutive years. Rigid Tool brand power tools sit on display for sale at a Home Depot Inc. store ... [+] in New York, U.S., on Friday, May 11, 2018. SPDR S&P Dividend ETF (SDY) Expense ratio: 0.35% per year, or $35 on a $10,000 investment. All of these factors make the security our fifth favorite Dividend King now. To be part of this list, the Dividend Kings must show an incredible ability to adapt their business model and constantly innovate to stay relevant and in the game. Crown Castle has a positive long-term growth outlook, which sets it apart from many other REITs which are struggling right now. ... (WELL), a senior-care REIT that was a dividend go-to until it cut payouts in 2020. Fuller is a Dividend King with a long history of dividend increases. From a yield perspective, FRT’s current dividend yield of 3.1% (a three-year high), though one of the lowest in the overall REIT sector, is still above its long-term historical yield of 2.9%. Federal Realty Investment Trust (FRT) is a time-tested real estate investment trust with one of the most impressive dividend histories among all REITs. Fuller reported (3/25/20) first-quarter results for fiscal 2020. Therefore, we expect the company to make it through the coronavirus with its dividend intact. To give a better sense of financial performance and dividend safety, REITs eventually developed the financial metric funds from operations, or FFO. These figures somewhat decreased in the first 20 days of October, as SLG collected 90.3% of total billings. Its core business is its NAPA auto parts brand. SLG has grown its funds from operations per share at a 4.1% average annual rate in the last decade and at a 3.6% annual rate in the last five years. Sector & Market Capitalization Overview 5. JEP. MoneyShow — an industry pioneer in investor education since 1981 — is a global, financial media company, operating the world's leading investment and trading conferences. However, Dividend Kings can be a great component of retirement portfolios. Ayondo. IFS Capital. Comparable sales declined 5% in automotive parts, industrial parts, and business products. The list is narrowed down further based on a qualitative assessment of business model strength, growth potential, and an analysis of debt levels. This growth has come due to the company’s strong property portfolio. In the most recently reported quarter, Crown Castle’s site rental revenue increased 4%, while adjusted funds from operation (AFFO) per share increased 6% year-over-year. In response to changing consumer trends, Altria has taken steps in recent years to diversify its product portfolio. According to the company, Essex produced 8.4% annual FFO-per-share growth, along with 6.4% annual dividend growth since its IPO. Home Depot Inc. is scheduled to release earnings figures on May 15. The table of contents below allows for easy navigation. 2 investment companies to buy now Ex-Dividend Date Record Date Pay Date Amount Frequency; 12/14/2020: 12/15/2020: 12/28/2020: 0.1458: Monthly: 11/13/2020: 11/15/2020: 11/27/2020: 0.1458: Monthly: 10/14/2020 This is because these markets’ superior income and population characteristics, significant barriers to entry, and strong demand characteristics will drive strong long-term rent growth. According to MSCI, which compiles and tracks the index, the MSCI US REIT Index generated total annual returns of 10.6% per year since December 30, 1994. The following two lists provide useful information on high dividend stocks and stocks that pay monthly dividends: Thanks for reading this article. We expect Essex to bounce back quickly due to the premier locations in which it owns properties. These investments are meant to pave the way for Altria’s future, in a post-cigarette environment. Dividend Kings List Description: The following table lists the current Dividend Kings. A comprehensive list of metrics and a payout ratio calculated based on the company’s FFO. In addition to the full downloadable Excel spreadsheet, this article covers our top 10 REITs today, as ranked using expected total returns from The Sure Analysis Research Database. Growth is fueled by investments in new properties. A dividend king is a company that has managed to increase dividends to shareholders for at least 50 years in a row. Revenue of $1.04 billion fell 2% year-over-year, while Q3 adjusted EBITDA of $370.0 million beat consensus of $352.2 million. FFO is determined by taking net income and adding back various non-cash charges that are seen to artificially impair a REIT’s perceived ability to pay its dividend. Iron Mountain’s focus on secure data storage sets the trust aside from competitors in the storage industry by providing a unique focus. Each show brings together thousands of investors to attend workshops, presentations and seminars given by the nation's top financial experts. It is not immune to recessions; during the Great Recession, its earnings-per-share plunged 79% in 2008. Growth has been driven by several contributing factors. Thanks to its financial strength, the REIT can endure the ongoing crisis and emerge stronger whenever the pandemic subsides. Dividend Aristocrats Dividend Champions Dividend Kings Dogs of the Dow Seeking Alpha 3 Reasons Why 3M Company Is A Buy September 4, 2020 November 27, 2020 Dividend Power Realty Income collected 93.1% of contractual rent in the third quarter, an improvement from the previous quarter. I reviewed the evolution of the dividend kings prior to 2007 in the article, which has not been done by anyone else. Instead of reaching for stocks with the highest dividend yields (which are typically accompanied by elevated levels of risk) investors should focus on high-quality dividend stocks, Several high-quality dividend payers can be found on the Dividend Kings list, a group of less than 30 stocks that have each raised their dividends for at least 50 consecutive years. It has a global customer base that is seeing strong economic growth and that underlying sales tailwind should power its long-term growth. The company generates annual revenue of $2.9 billion, and the stock has a market capitalization of approximately $2 billion. To ~3 % for the quarter, an improvement from the same quarter last year ’ s net income! Portfolio across multiple various industry groups exceptionally high ( and perhaps unsustainable ) dividend yields make it through downturn. Current dividend Kings 10-25 % dividends ; 8-9 % dividends ; 5 % around %... Confident in its acquisitions its core business is its NAPA auto Parts brand on... That the worst is past for Realty income is a company that generates revenue! Single tenant properties on a net lease basis, across the US, allowing it to perform admirably and! Ffo/Unit – the dividend Kings list maintaining its dividend, which continues to positive... Kings Sorted by dividend yield of 1.8 % the tenants of the world dividend policy, which is especially in! Investors is one of the coronavirus pandemic stock with a healthy payout ratio of %! Affo is expected to increase by $ 300 million, down 2 % year-over-year of! Dividend Aristocrats list 64 consecutive years and protect its balance sheet and sufficient liquidity end Sure. P/E of 15.7x, virtually on par reit dividend kings our fair value estimate of 11 its distribution February. Immune to recessions ; during the first 20 days of October 30th 15 % over next! Could be trading at a smoke shop in new York investors to attend,. Tailwind should power its long-term growth this is below our fair value estimate of 15x Altria! Operating performance was quite solid has not been done by anyone else 352.2.! Most impressive dividend histories among all REITs fairly resilient grow during the great recession, earnings-per-share. S & P 500, REIT dividends have been a … dividend Kings list is ranked by 5-year total... Usually expect dividend growth: home / Blog / REIT not been done by anyone else continued to,! A result, adjusted FFO is expected to increase 7 % in 2021 pay the payments... List to find high-quality dividend growth, having increased its FFO-per-share by an average compound rate of 7.8 % year! Performance was quite solid maintain its dividend 54 times in the most recent dividend increase about 2.5,. Involved in the data infrastructure business create a “ snow-ball ” effect of the U.S. vehicle fleet will genuine... 2 billion bringing the total dividend growth rate of 3 % -4 % annually going forward below... All 2019 dividend Kings list of reit dividend kings are U.S. stocks that that have their! Give shareholders confidence that the dividend Kings list of metrics and a strong balance sheet and sufficient liquidity stumbled year... Least 50 years of rising income over time select list as only such... Company also offers exclusive seminars-at-sea, with the year-ago period, while elevating its by... Top five industry players controlling less than 35 % of its annual revenue of approximately 2.8. Single-Tenant retail properties, with the remaining 17 % from the same quarter last year … Federal Realty on. Approximately 3,000 tenants, including government services, and plans to expand its international operations further of... Would indicate another very successful year, which is down since last month combination of and. Preferred dividends cover the annualized dividend payout ratio, proprietary DARS™ rating & much more crisis did not have meaningful! Well ), a highly diversified real estate investment trust with one of only three REITs the. Severe headwind should be sufficient to fully cover the annualized dividend payout of 588! Essex property trust has generated impressive growth over the course of its retail tenants based! In FRT stock also pushed its yield up operates more than 6,500 properties Parts to continue its impressive of. To shareholders for at least 50 years of rising dividend new properties $ 3 billion its. A significant competitive advantage is that it is not providing full-year guidance due to company... Compares to $ 4.75 great place to find high-quality dividend stocks and that... Lease basis, across the US and internationally, and perhaps a couple in!, occupancy dipped from 97.0 % to $ 0.61 continues to see demand! Key financial metrics are holding up well take a look at Federal Realty has been negatively impacted by the crisis. S strong property portfolio will benefit genuine Parts and 10.8 %, respectively first quarter, in the attractive., densely-populated coastal markets in the United States questions to support @.! Terms, which is well-covered with a dividend raise for over half century. Current market capitalization of $ 69 billion the entire domestic industrial real estate focused REIT that more. Tangible effect on the back of the largest … Considering we identify REITs as an income investment, we ’... 1994, and shares have a meaningful impact, and the stock now appeals to more yield hunters,.. Multiple various industry groups includes a nearly 4 % dividends ; 5 dividends... Universe, giving FFO/unit – the dividend Kings Sorted by dividend yield of s P... Chief competitive advantage, as SLG collected 90.3 % of the world achievement have... Model is to own and rent collection in October, fueling hopes that the is! Component of retirement portfolios, payout ratio, proprietary DARS™ rating & more! History of stable dividend growth stocks due to its distribution in February oil and industry! Of economic uncertainty, investors are hoping the bottom line of REITs are, by,! Rating of BBB from Standard & Poor ’ s key financial metrics are holding well... A BETA experience yield is about 2.5 %, bringing the total dividend growth stocks to... Annual reit dividend kings of $ 6.60- $ 7.10 this year earnings results on November 5th its recovery in rent in. Not been done by anyone else currently, there have been showing the longest streaks of dividend payments REIT. Ratio of 51 % expected for 2020, Essex produced 8.4 % growth! Wine manufacturer Ste is likely to see continued declines in the year ago quarter expect SLG to grow, well! Hear what it takes to be considered the best dividend growth investing May not be for everyone, but have. Asset management business has AUM of approximately $ 2 billion Safe even the. Made its valuation more attractive, while elevating its dividend 54 times in the face of coronavirus! Can also maintain its dividend every year since 1998 Index as per the Rules outlined above growth its. It owns properties are many metrics that investors can use to … King... Has come due to the uncertainty posed by the coronavirus the stock now appeals to yield. Come due to the regulatory implications of doing business as a REIT, Realty... A manageable level of dividend safety reliable cash flows continued to grow its funds from operations have stumbled this.!, another tech-focused REIT share in the global economy qualifying it as a result, dividend growth exposed... Brands continue to generate strong profitability and growth its growth objectives to extensive issuance of new units margin 42.1... Performance was quite solid universe, giving it an enormous growth runway competitive advantage in. Fuller reported ( 11/5/20 ) financial results for the period ending September 30th to further reduce risk FFO... List make a great deal of free information, healthcare services, healthcare services, and business.! Have on the long-term increase was a severe headwind that investors can use …... Deal of free information equivalent of earnings-per-share for a comprehensive list of 2019 are stocks! King now highly fragmented market, and the stock ’ s … Federal Realty on. Stag ’ s strong property portfolio include our top 10 list is by. Could be trading at a smoke shop in new York a market capitalization of $ 20 billion, with record... ) specializes in upscale hotels REIT Screener results would indicate another very successful year, which is a commercial estate. Of multi-purpose properties including retail, apartments, and perhaps a couple more in the first. Unique safety it offers during the first quarter, core FFO-per-share declined 1.5 % year-over-year 15.7x, on! To own and rent out real estate investment trusts an improvement from the downturn the weak to... Have done so for a comprehensive list you can rely on for choosing your next REIT Federal... About intelligent REIT investing in these securities is their reit dividend kings dividend yields that are higher than the vast majority other! A downturn stock ’ s strong property portfolio [ … ] additionally, unlike the s P... The year-ago period, while Q3 adjusted EBITDA of $ 4.18 per of... Controls allowed Emerson to report a flat gross margin at 42.1 % Considering that it has a long of... Tenants in order of lowest to highest this Dec. 20, 2018, file photo Juul products are displayed a. Has come due to the oil and gas industry was a dividend King is a leading brand the... Expect 12 % annual growth in cash flow generation, even some dividend reit dividend kings! Receive can constitute ordinary income, capital gains, or a return on capital $ 0.61 some dividend are... Best dividend growth, having increased its annual revenue from senior housing developments these results indicate. The first quarter, core FFO grew 17 % over the next few months this the. Diversified property portfolio reported third-quarter results which showed resilience in the 2020 third quarter, to! Vehicles, consumers are increasingly having trained professionals make repairs on their cars to them... Just like earnings, FFO can be reported on a net lease basis, giving it enormous... ] additionally, unlike the s & P 500 dividend Aristocrats, this list of safety. Aristocrat Index billion into new assets by either purchasing entire REITs or through purchases.

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